How Did These Children Get So Fat?

 How Did These Children Get So Fat?

How Did These Children Get So Fat – Parents Tell Their Story During Interview With Afrimax
KingsparoOct 28, 2020Read original
So many things happen in our world today that we begin to ask questions as to why and how they happened. Meet Raponse and Pauline, the kids who weigh 100kg and 60kg respectively.

They are children of a couple who lives in a rural community in Umgababa KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

During a recent interview with afrimax, the parents of these 2 children explained how these situation happened and how they’ve been handling it. The father of the kids said that when Raponse who is 5 years old now was born, he was of normal weight and didn’t have any abnormalities at the time, but during his 3rd Month of birth, they began to see a rapid increase in his size. This worried them so much that they decided to go to a hospital where they told them that the doctor in charge of the these kinds of cases was on leave and they gave them his number to call him.

They called him and waited for 1,2, 3 years then they gave up. The boy got so big that he couldn’t even stand or walk and they where worried. One day, Miraculously he got and started walking. This is the same thing with his sister Pauline as she’s over 50kg right now.

This story reveals to us how bad the African health care is that the hospital couldn’t even attend to a sick child. Not because they didn’t have the money to pay, most probably because they didn’t have the doctor with that particular skill set.

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