Ice Queen

 Ice Queen

Going by the name ICEQUEEN, born on 17 November 2002 Queen Maele is a determined musical artist residing in Balaka who is embarking on a journey towards being the best RnB Super star in Malawi and global.
Icequeen the only child in her family felt a strong desire for RnB musical genre. Spending most of her time listening to RnB songs, she felt a strong connection within her soul towards the genre.
“I feel a deep emotional bond to RnB music and I always feel like doing too.” Says ICEQUEEN.
ICEQUEEN claims that she has the power to change a person’s mindset with her music. Her music possess a special recipe which she thinks if her audiences gets a taste of her songs they instantly get hypnotized by the powerful message and the angelic voices she uses.
Everything begins from a scratch and Ice queen is building her empire from the scratch. Having started singing songs at the assembly when she was at Bakita private school then at Sanjama in Zomba. Ice queen received most of her inspiration and motivation from her fellow girls. She says girls, as young as they are, can bring a big impact to the society. “most people think girls cannot do much in with their lives. I am here to put a stop to such critics and negative mindset.” She strongly advises that no one should look down a girl especially herself. “There is a reason my parents named me Queen, I will let people know the reason through my music talent.”
Icequeen might be icy and chilly but literary she is here to create her own hot legacy which will be remembered from generations to come. “The IceQueen’s empire is being built on steel enforced concrete. It is lasting forever.” She says.
Icequeen is an intelligent girl who is both talented and smart. She wrote her MSCE in 2018 and since lived towards furthering her education and career.

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  • Ice Queen, good job I hope and believe in you. You are going far more than that. Waiting to see great and fantastic songs. Our wonderful artist well done

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