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Ken J is a Malawian and international Singer-Composer and artistically songwriter (born 29 March, 1999) from unseen roots, he received a calling to the industry of arts from God, to spread the Nature and Unseen works of God through Art Visualization.

The Artist whose real name Is Kelvin James Mtambitsa, the second born child in the family of three girls, hails   at Kamphonje village, T/A Khombedza in Salima.

Ken J, Who is Also the touch  Bearer and CEO Of  JIFE(Jesus Is For Everybody)  Movement

 His Music is all based on Love, hope, faith and Christianity. As a  A missionary, focusing for unseen talents of the youths ; hidden and darken by Lack of Visions, has become to be part  and fundamental  Supremacy of JIFE Movement.

Romans 1:16 and Mathews 5:14  it’s the whole truth and story  About JIFE movement.  To be afraid is to have, no knowledge, wisdom and power to things  Which you face.

Knowing the truth and knowledge, and power given through the command of Jesus Christ. JIfE Movement, with talents and Visions, got that right to move and go around the world to spread the gospel and tell the world that Jesus is the Key and Master to salvation.

God now, needs servants with visions and talents to overflow and reach the unreached, as a matter of fact, the movement has different talented artist, in acting, story telling, singers and musicians, just to mention few.

Moving to the world and make the unbelief to believe that Jesus Is For Everybody, and anyone who shall seek Him shall be Received: THAT! Its what JIFE MEANS.  

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