Knowe more About Vido plantium

 Knowe more About Vido plantium

Six months ago, an a music talent germinated in the soul of Ibrahim Milosi AKA Vido Platinum. He has entered the game with his first single ‘I’M BIG DEAL’. As the title of his track claims; Vido platinum is the next big deal.
Vido platinum who is based in south Africa thinks that as a youth he is pushing his hustles hard and his music harder. He says he started music and he specifically focuses on HipHop because he is a ‘nigga with the sauce.’ He thinks he Hiphop is the best genre that will help him channel his messages in his songs.
Having released ‘I am a big’ vido platinum says he has been recording other tracks which did not get released as he considers them ‘not worthy’ he says he want people to listen to music which has got heavy substance in it messages.
‘I have been recording in the studios before but I think I was not there yet to start releasing songs which are competitive. I want my songs to reflect what is happening in the world and transform people. Mostly I want to communicate with my fans through music.”
Vido platinum says challenges have been hindering him to achieve some levels in music. He thinks financially artists like him are struggling, now Vido platinum has atleast found some ways to support his music career. He is promising people good music from him apart from the just released ‘I am a big deal.’
‘I am a big deal is my first track, but the way I have killed this track it like I’m not an upcoming artist. This track is fire!” says Vido Platinum. “I want people to look out for more tracks from me. I’m here to stay and make good entertaining music.”
Vido platinum in his speech recognizes decorated artists like Freddokiss as people who inspires him in his music. He says he will hustle hard to invest in his music business. “ before I was recording in poor and bad production studios, in the end the songs were badly mixed down so this has been killing my music talent. A lot of artist fail to be competitive because they record their songs in studios that lack the skills and capacity to do so. In the end the art dies.”
Vido Platinum believes and has centered himself on hustling to make ends meet. He believes only hard work will pay out for him. Listen to his song and help him reach his dreams by supporting him in music.

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