Life of a Hustler-Don Wargon

 Life of a Hustler-Don Wargon

Life of a hustler he was living just to satisfy the needs of his mother
He goes by the name Don Wargon may his soul Rest in Peace

He started music way back with his first singles later he released a tune with the silver House boss lady Sylvania Titled love so deep which recieved support from all corners of the nation
Later Civil War riddim was released and he jumped on it
Then there was the itchoke itchoke riddim of which he jumped on it too

Don Wargon worked with alot of artists the likes of Sylvania, Larry, Malinga

Before his death he released alot of Singles which Include Bar tender feat DJ Sley, Never Diss Mama, Feelings and life of which he featured Sangie, malinga and Shane Gada

Him being an artist wasn’t enough but he trained himself being a producer after being inspired by Warge and DJ Sley then he opened his own Studio called Angry Records

Today it’s a Thursday YNFB team is listening to Last Night by Don Wargon

Which song do you love by Don Wargon?

Continue Resting in Peace Dada Malawi has missed you🙏😭

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