Meet Shamma Vocals

 Meet Shamma Vocals

Shamma vocals gospel artist from machinjiri in blantyre

Started music along time ago as he was doing some home recordings with friends

After a while Shammah discovered that he has the talent that he can spread the word of God through gospel music that’s when he started doing the recording of some of his tracks

Shammah vocals he is elder brother to K Banton the most celebrated hip-hop artist currently them being brothers helped each other to push hard towards music although they do different genres of music

Shammah as an artist has worked alot of projects with different producers one of the producers is Jay Em

He has released alot of singles and has featured alot of artists

Interms of videography Shammah vocals works with VJ Ken who produce high quality videos

Today being a Sunday our playlist is full of Shammah vocals latest singles

From Ynfb team we wish you a happy sunday🙏

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