Whiscky to let his name known

 Whiscky to let his name known

You can be anything you want to be, have anything you want to have and achieve anything you want to achieve within God’s perfect will. The key is in regulating your life with your tongue.

“Don’t make things your focus, make God your focus. There is a time to be overheard by God’s grace. You need to be left alone sometimes and focus you goal. Until you are left alone with God, there are some experiences you may not have known. Said Whiscky after a long journey of his music

An upcoming both gospel and secular songs, Whiscky Mulima his stage name Whiscky has been in rough pace of music since 2010.

Whiscky who has been in industry for more than 10 years now, has only released singles ever since he started.

He so called Whiscky started his music after being encouraged by his friends.

 “Never give up nor look down upon yourself but one has to pray hard and be determined in what so ever he/she does.                                      “Stop chasing what you can’t manage instead look and search something that can help your life. Said he

To let his talent flourish, Whiscky kept busy singing each and every day. At last he firstly released his first song in 2013 titled Ngiyabuza while in our local language known as ndikufusa of which he featured Dj Terra from South Africa.

He didn’t break on that song but he kept on recording songs. In 2015 he released another song titled Chikondi chavuta, Roy view featured the song.

“From time to time one has to be serious for what he does to make everything possible” encouraged Whiscky

“And you can only bring change by being the change on your part and you can only initiate change if you show what change possible” added he

He further said that someone’s has to cut off what people round about what you do but you have to sway off over the nation, and pull them down by showing them who you are.

“Yes! God doesn’t want you to neglect your cares but He doesn’t want your cares to have you and take His place.  He wants to help you take care of your cares. He encouraged

Things work better when you humble yourself to your people. Whiscky reminded that working hand in hand with your friends is abundant deal.

“Not everything works in our own destined as we suggest, this is why make ourselves fail to accomplish our goal.  He challenged

Songs like, Dzikomo, to be a woman, What can I do, and Mwayi wina are new recently released songs. And two of them are visuals.

Listen to his new song titled 50, you will really admire the blessings that God has given unto this man.

‘Give me back my money which you lend it from me, I want to use it as soon as possible. Well it talks about returning money when you borrow it.

Whiscky believes that one day his music will be heard out there with millions of people.

Apart from being a musician, Whiscky is a business man where he operates phones and accessories in Lilongwe.

“You can’t rely on music only then you won’t benefit and your life will be a wretched in this country”, believes Whiscky

Act now! give someone the chance for new start and fresh hope for tomorrow.

Download 50 a new song by Whiscky Below



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