Know More About Robixy K

 Know More About Robixy K

ROBERT BIKA Robert Bika AKA Robixy K is Malawian Afro Passada artist who is based in Pretoria South Africa. After mimicking the well decorate LULU and Gwamba, Robixy K found his calling after noticing that he could sing better. His love for music grow and he thinks nothing is stopping him to achieving his goal!Robixy K did not start hitting the studio until he went to seek green pastures in RSA where he answered his callin music. “back home I was only singing other people’s songs, I had no thoughts of going to the studio. Then I came to South Africa and I was like lemme do this, I will not die even if I fail.” He said. “I have so much confidence because I know I have a good voice and I can sing almost any key.”From 2019, Robixy K has been singing and collaborating with various artist and he has seen his passion grow wings. “ all I want is to be famous and be like, Kell Kay, Rash ley. I know I will do it all I want is to get people’s support because without people there would not be music. It’s the people who listen to the songs we release.”In 2019 Robixy K released a track titled “bea” in which he featured Atro Aykrain. The song gave the momentum to do more. He became addicted to the studio that lyrics were running wild in his head.“I’m a good composer and I have great concepts but you know I can’t be in the studio everyday all day, I came here to work and support my family back home.” He says.Robixy K boosts more about his mother than any other artists you know out there. He claims his mother persuaded him into music and that she always encouraged him to work harder on sharpening his talent. She tells him that his music one day will pay the bills for him only if he work on it with all his heart.Robixy K is that artist who is international but is only waiting for his time to come out of the dim lights. Currently he has dropped a new tracks this week titled “Dziko” and “fumbi”. This is a perfect combo you need to listen to from our own Robixy K. he will be our King of Afro Passada. You can bet on him!

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