Excitement over all female roaster at Platform 9

 Excitement over all female roaster at Platform 9

Excitement over all female roaster at Platform 9

By Harold Kapindu

Creative female artists have been earmarked to shine at a mini acoustic concert scheduled to take place at Story Club Arts Café on 7 November, 2020.

According to Lifestyle Events founder and owner Emmanuel Kaunda, the event aims at encouraging creative women in arts and entertainment by providing a platform to showcase their talents.

“Platform 9 is a mini acoustic concert that aims to promote local talent in performance form. We showcase singers, poets, dancers and visual arts. The all female lineup was inspired by the growing number of talented females in the field,” Kaunda explained.

The all female artist roaster includes award winning singer Kim of Diamonds, Phindu, Luki, Theresa, Esther Lewis, Dead Rose, RJ the DJ, Cynthia Zulu and Ray.

This is the 5th of a line of Platform 9 series.

The series has previously hosted acts such as Eli Njuchi, Suffix, Classic, Luzio, Marumbo, Nandi, Kim of Diamonds and many more who are having very solid careers.

“Platform 9 encourages the audience to bond with the acts and also truly appreciate how talented they are by stripping away others distractions.

“The platform is also about sheeding the over dependance of international acts and making our own acts international,” Kaunda added.

The series mainly focus on music, poetry, visual arts and dance.

According to the organizers, all Covid 19 measures will be adhered to.

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