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About Us

Golden City Tower is among the leading companies offering first class music promotions,operating as an entertainment company,among other services we offer include: poems promoting, story writing(short stories) promoting,Graphics designing,website designing,Events Message Sharing,Music advices and other entertainment activities.
We work with all kind of artists and brands with arange of different budgets,and we can design abdicated campaign to a budget that works for the artist .The structure of our campaigns specifically at artist and bands that are building their brands, releasing new music,have an upcoming event or just want to spark the interest of media.
We provide our client the ability to reach online publishers of magazines,newspapers, websites,blogs ,and radios and utilize technology to allow publishers the ability to listen ,learn and post about a project.Our goal is to get artists arts heard by publishers, and ultimately written about,played,and Posted Online .It doesn’t matter if is an established artist or not,we can find away to help.


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