Crushing on Henry Czar

 Crushing on Henry Czar

Talent is never made But its something that people are born with whether they inherit from parents or relatives

Today being a monday we are crushing on Henry Czar a New but hot upcoming artist in the game as he has given pressure to some of the long existing artists because of his tremendous support within a short period

Czar is a graduate from John Paul II who was doing Web designing and programing

Him as an established artist he has released alot of tracks which have been welcomed by alot of people of different ages and social statuses
The tracks include muli uthenga ft 6th, mayeso, pundu dance, a dokotala and the most trending tune right now that has shaken the country Amuna ndagalu
All these Tunes have enjoyed radio plays on different radios in our country

Czar can be taken as an artist who has his own Style and very lyrically strong

Its Monday who are you crushing on?
We as Ynfb Promoters we are crushing on Henry Czar

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