‘DOORS’ Testimony to all

 ‘DOORS’ Testimony to all

‘When you look at the mirror each and every day, you look testimony of God’s Glory that has given unto you’,

Yes! Reject thoughts that demean you and make you sad and gloomy all the time instead keep focus on ways. Said Cydrick Holla who has just released his new song titled ‘Doors’

Psalmist Mc Holla whose real name is Cydrick Holla recently has released his third gospel song well known as ‘Doors’.

The song is a testimony to him as well as to all people who have wanna listen to his song.

“Testimony does make someone change upon hearing to someone’s testimony. Try to listen my testimony and you won’t regret it”

Yes! God has done so many things in my life and I know He has as done it for you as well, that’s the meaning of my song.

He said coming up with gospel song is like spreading the good news to the country of which others change there ways through songs.

Let’s get inside of him

Who is Psalmist Mc Holla?

My name is Psalmist Mc Holla from Blantyre machinjiri real name is Cydrick Holla, i do music under saintrich music label…am not just an artist am also doing school at exploits University

When did you start singing?

I started singing when i was young at the age of 9 with my friends. We were fond of trying  kuloweza ma lyrics a nyimbo zina nkumaimba but after some years we started composing our own songs i remember recording my first song was in form two…that time i was doing secular music i became a gospel singer after finishing my secondary school i joined praise at my church where i discover myself that i can sing for God…. Though i dont just do gospel music i mix with love songs….lol u know God is love.. So love songs are part of gospel.

Motive behind singing

My main goal in music, honestly I want to become one of the best musicians in this universe not just local but internationally known.  As a gospel singer I wanna spread the gospel of jesus to the world

How many songs do you have so far

Yes I have many songs that is when I was in secular but with gospels this will be my third song

Favorite Artist in and outside Malawi

My favourite singers here in Malawi are Onesmus, Saxess, Berracah however out of those artist I have one  of the best favourite by the name Kelvin Sing, based outside Malawi Artist, I like Limobraze music and also Adah Ehi.

What do you like to do at free time?

Music is my therapy as I like listening to music, most of the time when i am free from church service I spent my time in headsets listening to musical instruments while composing songs.

Your  favorite food?

 Chips and chicken are my favorite food not forgetting any sugar free juice.

 Your Best Friend

I believe in my Mother hence I call her my Best friend because she is the one always by my side in every situation.

What inspired me to start singing?

My first producer was S One from Blantyre Chileka. My first Collaboration was with Proso a lady from Mzuzu shes a rapper and also a singer.

First professional song was great grace cover by James Nee” Ndibaimba mwa Afro”

What are your future plans behind singing?

My dream in music is still on becoming the best artist of the whole universe. The song that i am about to release it is the one am seeing to be the best of my release.

I believe that out of me in everything God must be involved even in times of challenges I don’t run away but to put the creator above all.

Seeking advice from other people

I am unique in my songs and lifestyle because I always obey to every instruction and collections hence I will always listen to your collections as I believe that love is when you are being collected.

Challenges encountered

I have faced many embarrassing moments by the time I started singing at the studio, Some experienced artist could use our songs and make a name out of my composed songs but today am surviving in music industry.


Football is one of my hobbies, I like it because it’s part of exercise and I choose not other activities apart from it.

Your Expectations from all Listeners

My expectations from listeners they should look forward from more Audios and Videos to be released.

Sincere appreciation to my Producer

S One and Cheo Meek is my best producer I wanna encourage listeners who also do music to try them and they will never regret.

Last words to everyone

I may say, believe in every step you take and believe in yourself for God blesses those who who trust in Him. And encouraging everyone to listen to my new song which I have released recently well known as ‘Doors’, you won’t regret it by hearing the tune and testimony inside it.

Download His Music Below

Interview by Judith Kayange



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