• September 25, 2021

Know more about Ice Kay

 Know more about Ice Kay

ICE KAY A lot of wonder, Who is a music artist? What are the qualities of a good artist? There is only a few individuals who define ‘music artist’. Music is an ancient talent and only the chosen carry that blessing in their soul. Not all voices combined with an instrument is music. Not everyone singing is an artist. Here is why. Meet Issah ‘ICE KAY’ Rajab, one of the talented artists you should listen to. Ice Kay is that artist who is patient, determined and passionate. Born in the 1990s and began singing when he was 9 years old, Ice Kay has grown knowing that he is one of the chosen artists and he is here to make a heart stopping history in music. Growing up in Lumbazi, Lilongwe, Ice Kay has been listening to a lot of different genres and he has tried many of them, Ice Kag has found his places in the Dancehall and Reggae and a drop of Afrobeats. “I am originaly from Mangochi, I’m a Yao but I have grown in Lilongwe. I love reggae, dance and afrobeat because these are good for positive message delivery.they don’t have much noise so the listers get what you are saying in the song.” Ice Kay’s talent and ambition has brought him so far in music. He has faced many challenges as most of artists in Malawi do. However he never lost his hopes. He stayed focused on his career. Ice kay said; “ music takes time, I started recording 12 years ago. As an artist I have had few or no resources to promote my talent so I couldn’t reach my destiny in time. But now I’m back with full force to bring change and show how real music is made. I want people to listen to real music osati skrrr! skrr! The purpose of music is to inspire someone’s soul and give them hope in their lives. I believe I’m the prophet of music.” As his name says “ice” he is about to freeze all the whack artist who he believes are destroying the whole concept of music. ‘I will freeze them. The cool boy is here to take his place.’ Save your bundles and phone storage. Ice Kay is going to be your intertainer from now on. Isaah Rajabu is the true definition of an artist. He deserves that title. If you want to prove me wrong listen to his songs and you will agree

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