Know More About REYZASIMA MW

 Know More About REYZASIMA MW

Reyzasima Mw
The music industry is flourishing with talented artists who work day and night perfecting the skill. Music in Malawi dominated by young boys who are doing the most in entertaining the communities. One of such boys is Stambuli Asima going by the nickname Reyzasima Mw.
Raised in Balaka and at a tender aga of 18, Reyzasima has followed his passion in music. He believes that age is just a number and he will make it to the top in the game of music. Reyzasima Mw has so far completed 6 hit singles and he is promising more.
Growing up in a family of four boys Reyzasima Mw has been supported very much by his brothers in clearing the path in his music
“I started doing music when I was in form 3 in the year 2018 and now I have 3 years of music career. I believe that I will be one of the best artists in Malawi.”says Reyzasima . “my brothers are the ones who have helped me succeed in making my music, without them I do not know where I would be now.””
Reyzasima is currently engaged in AgroBusiness from which he supports his music career.
“music requires money to be sustained, I wrote my MSCE and focused in agribusiness and the money I make from there I invest it in my music. A lot of people have stopped or seen their talent being terminated because they don’t have enough funding. I do business and I am ready to face whatever challenge.”
Reyzasima Mw worries much of how upcoming artists like him are oppressed and ignored in various platforms where they could be showcasing their talents. But he promises that he will make sure that he gets the recognition he deserves. Reyzasima Mw will be the next award winning Hiphop artist. You can bet on him.

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