Know More About Verta

 Know More About Verta

Real name Livettah Chipiliro also known as Verta as her stage name from the central region of Malawi specifically Nambuma in Dowa
She does Reggae Dancehall and Afro Music started music in the year 2020 with the influence from his family and friends

She is still in secondary but the way she has started music thing the likes of Sangie and Beanca they must be careful with this Dowa Star girl as she has promised us nothing but good music

She told us that as one way of making use good use of the holiday they have due to this pandemic she has thought it wise to venture into music as one way for showcasing her talent and as one way of preventing herself in indulging into bad behaviors

We have got you nothing but good news from this female young star as she has just released a new Reggae Dancehall tune called You and I of which she has featured strong sid and C squared and the song was produced by strong sid

You can listen and download the song at

Golden City Tower Entertainment

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