Meet Chris P skills

He goes by the name Christopher Panganani who is known by his stage name Chris P skills. The artist does Afro music of which he feels that it’s a better genre that makes his message to be transmitted easily. He is a first born in a family of two, him and a sister. Every journey in life starts with one step Chris P Skills started music way back when he was at secondary school that Bangwe secondary school also known as green malata. He had his friend called Frank D who always writes music when they were together so this influenced Chris P that he should also write his own songs. Whilst at secondary school this Afro star has performed in various occasions at the school that helped him to boost his fame and musical career. The journey has not been easy as how people think but it has been a very tough road for him being an artist. He has also done many collaborations with other upcoming artists the likes of Twobox, Frank D, Young Joe and H-One time just to mention a few. He has also managed to work with different platforms like the Malawi music and golden city tower so that they can help him to be known the whole country. His dream is to be one of the African Giant interms of music. Chris P Skills is a graduate from Soche Technical College and he is also a holder of a Diploma in Accounting

Download and listen to Chris-P Skills-Ndilekeni Ft Man-Hope Prod by Yuze


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