Meet Herald of God

 Meet Herald of God

My real name is Herald Phiri, and my stage name is Herald of God.
I started singing at a very tender age, by God’s grace I could write and compose when I was in primary school standard 5, by then people could make me sing at the school premises and give me k 1 or k2 , it was fun, after a short time we started playing music at home the more, motivated by my friend Andrew Mijoya (Dr Drew) who is now a Dr, that time he used to play keyboard for me as I sing, that would be after knocking off from school, he as well started teaching me keyboard.
NOTE; This is a mission and I don’t just sing for fun but God is behind this move.

My Aunt Lydia Phiri, (now Mrs Chimkango) was singing with the praise team at their church and as well backing some big Gospel musicians, one of them the late Grace Chinga, and my Aunt can sing very well, she inspired me, Once in a while as Children at home she could get me and my brother teaching us how to sing in a better way.
When I was growing up at secondary school, that was then at Zomba Urban, I could sing at the morning Assembly before prayers, and it’s when I first entered the studio which was close to Chancellor College and I did alot of singles ofwhich never was taken to any radio station there but after a while I and some friends got prividged to have acertain youth program at Living Waters Radio and my I could perform in some few shows in Blantyre and Zomba respectively.

I have worked with a number of people in my music journey, by now I have recorded two Albums and alot of singles but they didn’t go any far, ofwhich I take it to say God was preparing me all that long for a time like this, and now am so happy to fulfill the Mission in this side of music that God blessed me and called me to as well.
In regards to people av worked with in my church live performances and studio work are Dr Drew, MOD producer (zomba and BT) Flantic records (BT) DG (BT) Isaac who is the one av worked as well in voice recording of these tracks, just to mention a few.
May God be praised and Him carry the Glory. Thank you.

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