• September 25, 2021

Meet Prince Mw Baby

 Meet Prince Mw Baby

Music is a seed of passion that is embedded in one’s soul, with good exposure and conducive environment this seed grows and the fruits of an artist begins to sprout and the world enjoys. Taking about enjoyment, the Zululand has been mesmerized by the unusual talent of Prince Banda AKA Prince MW Baby!Prince MW Baby is Malawian Hiphop artist based in Hill brow, Johannesburg RSA. Originally from Manjawira village, T.A Mponda in Mangochi. Prince mw Baby began discovered his passion for music when he was roughly 12 years old. Hiphop was the genre he fell in love with that time and since then he has been rapping following the footsteps of well decorated artists like Rick Ross, Casper Nyovest, Freddokiss and Drake.The turning point of his talent was when he met Whiz Cloud in a studio at Banana Bush studio. Whiz cloud inspired him in a whole different way that made Prince MW Baby to view the HipHop game in a whole new level. The inspiration was so huge that from that year 2019 up to the present day, Prince MW Baby brought a new taste to the dish of HipHop.Due to his awesomeness, Prince was invited for an interview on Hillbrow radio station under Queendom la Kingdom African Talent. His fan base grew and they chanted a new name in praise. He was named Prince mw baby which he adopted as his career identity name.From 2019 Prince has been dropping hits after hits, his latest being titled My Ice cream baby. Other tracks include; Nthawi yanga, I pray, Yoghurt, Nzakupatsa nthawi, My Ice Cream, Bible n Prayers that’s my key, Dollar Zongomwera, Mphete and last but not least, Mum n Dad.Prince has proved to be a gem hidden in mud, his recognition in a foreign land is exceptional, that’s talent! His dreams of becoming a star from Africa will be achieved sooner than the sun rises


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