Some Facts About Levison Masamba

 Some Facts About Levison Masamba

Levison Masamba, born on 10th July 1987, came into the limelight with his hit song titled “Alpha and Omega” in 2016 followed by other two hits in 2018 and 2019, Ndikuchitirenji featuring Walusungu Kishombe and Ndalandira respectively. Fifth born son in a Family of Five boys and a girl, Masamba comes from TA Lukwa in Kasungu but was born and raised in area 22 Lilongwe. As a well known Gospel artist, Levison has Three Gospel albums and his 2020 single Titled ” Ndiyenda Naye ” is enjoying massive airplay on TRACE Gospel TV and all local Television stations in Malawi.

As he continues his journey to the 4th Album, Masamba has released ” Mtame” a reggae master peace and another track titled “Zipite” where he has featured Evance Meleka. The gospel fraternity expects more from Masamba since he has produced a hit song after another. His musical graph is peaking each and every day.

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